This rubbish weather has got me thinking about sunnier times.

A few weekends ago I enjoyed a picnic in Hyde Park with some friends. We were listening to the music on my iPod - which I’d plugged into the iMainGo, a speaker system that actually zips around your iPod both protecting it and keeping things tidy.

One side of the case shows the speakers, the other side is a plastic cover that shows off the iPod, and makes it possible to use the controls.

It’s one of the most ridiculously named devices I’ve ever heard of, but everybody at the picnic was raving about how good it is. It’s pretty powerful, pumping out clean sound – none of the distortion you get with the some dinky portable speakers I can think of.

The only thing I'm not so sure about is the rather strange photography the company is using to promote the device... There is a shot of a guy too - also on the iMainGo website.


It runs from a couple of AAA batteries and costs about £59, which is a bit more pricy than most portable speakers, but pretty good when compared to other speakers that give you the same sort of sound.

We’ve got a review of the iMainGo here.