My friends over at PC Advisor reliably informed me this morning that Vista was undergoing its first upgrade. It’s barely been out for five minutes and Microsoft is already seeing fit to fix its faults.

While there would be some comedy milage in the 'Vista needs fixing already' joke, what Microsoft seems to have planned goes beyond the regular bug-fix and into the 'new addition to the operating system territory.' So I'll give Bill Gates a break for once and leave my editorial knives in the drawer.

Dubbed Fiji, the new feature will sit on top of the operating system and is intended to be an update to Media Center. Regular readers will know that Media Center is one of the few aspects of Windows that I am actually impressed by – it has far more functionality than Front Row and doesn't seem to hang with a spinning icon every other click.

So why does it need updating? Or perhaps even replacing by the looks of it. I guess somebody at Microsoft has taken a look at the Apple TV and decided that Microsoft needs some of that sparkle. For all Media Center's functionality, the Apple TV menu is far easier to use and looks a hundred times more stylish. The fact that the device itself has serious shortcomings in other areas won't stop Microsoft nicking the one thing it does well: the interface.