Apple's original iMac was too much for Danish police to handle - they couldn't believe the landmark system was anything more than just a monitor.

While the circumstances surrounding this story were somewhat unsavoury - police were investigating a stolen credit card, the Keystone Cops nature of the event's worth reporting.

Police turned up to investigate the case, and ended up securing permission from the author's roomate to look at his computer. The investigators thought the iMac was just the computer monitor, and grew angry when told it was an all-in-one.

As explained by the blogger who first wrote the report, the police discussion went as follows:

"Where's the computer?" he said.

"On the desk. That's the computer," I said.

"No, the computer."

"That's the computer, dude."

"That's the screen.' He had lapsed into the voice you use when you explain to your 6-year-old cousin how the toaster works. 'I mean the compuuuuuter. Understand?"

"Dude. That's the whole computer. Right there. The blue object the size of an armadillo."

"No. Where the daaaaata goes. The computer part."

"That is the computer. For Hell!" Danish swear words aren't as satisfying.

"So that's the entire computer, right there?"

It's worth a read - this particular officer also had some difficulty understanding the notion of a shared wireless connection.