Online/phone bank First Direct - part of the HSBC group - has now sorted out its problems with Apple's Safari web browser. In March the bank changed its security measures, and this affected Safari users, who quickly turned on the bank.

Much of the criticism of First Direct's neglect of Mac users was voiced on Macworld's forum.

First Direct's Head of Marketing Mark Mullen reached out to Mac users in April:

"As a long-standing Mac devotee I really do appreciate your frustrations. We are working to develop and implement a solution that will enable you to use Safari and as soon as its been properly tested, we'll tell you about it by placing a new message on our website."

And now, the bank has issued an "important update for Mac users":

"Mac Safari fans can now use our internet banking service. We're aware of a few outstanding issues, for example printing, but we're working to resolve these. If you experience any additional problems we would appreciate your feedback which you can send via the secure messaging within internet banking or by calling us on 08 456 100 234.

"We're really sorry for the disruption and the frustration that this caused, and we're going to work hard to make sure that it doesn't happen again."