Why do 53.2 per cent* of Macworld readers think the iMac is the Mac most in need of a redesign? I bought one a year ago! Am I out of fashion already?!

I got a iPod 5G this year as well, but no doubt come autumn (or possibly even sooner) this will be 'last season' too. And (fool!) I just upgraded my phone. Last week. What was I thinking? Obviously the iPhone is going to make me look, like, totally Primark long before my 18-month contract runs out.

The moral of the story? Never buy anything unless Macworld tells you to. I've learned my lesson.

* subject to change, poll is ongoing at the moment, I voted for the Mac Pro. I mean, come on, it's changed its name and its insides, but still looks the same! Harry Webb can do it, but the G5 can't.