As most Mac users know, the humble paperclip is an incredibly useful tool. You can use it to poke the reset button on some Macs, or link several together into chains if you want to fill a few dead hours at the office. Sadly, the incredibly versatile tool has suffered from an image problem. Apple's jazzed-up the paperclip with a little iPhone magic.

It appears that Apple has re-packaged the paper clip as an official iPhone tool used to open the sim card drawer on the iPhone.

Apple being Apple, the paperclip arrives inside the iPhone box, but gets its very own packaging. The little slice of essential metal is packed inside a clear plastic envelope, with a little diagram to show users how they can use the clip to access the sim card slot.

We do note that this piece of packaging doesn't seem to host the message that the tool was designed in California.

Take a look at the re-vamped paperclip here.