Thinking of getting an iPod touch? Apple's packaging is the stuff of legend. Here's what you'll find inside the box.

iPod touch box
The box itself. Small and sweet compare to the original iPod 1G packaging.

The box opened
Off with the lid. Shiny, shiny. The inside lid of the upmost case is sponge foam - classy!

iPod touch packaging
With the touch taken out. A black wallet and white plastic bag.

iPod touch packaging
Inside the white plastic bag. Headphones, iPod cable, dock connector and the new iPod touch stand.

iPod touch in stand
The new stand enables you to prop up the iPod touch. Should be useful when watching films on long journeys.

iPod touch film protector
Taking off the plastic film protector. There's also another protector around the dock connection.

Opening the cardboard wallet. Instructions inside.

Apple stickers
The usual Apple stickers. Maybe it's about time Apple updated these.

Instructions and product guides in English, German and – we think – Dutch ("Hurtigstart, Klargj0re, synkronise og lade" – anybody recognise it?). Oddly no French manual is included.

iPod touch cloth
As with the iPhone, a cleaning cloth is included.

iPod touch power on
Plugged in and with the power on. Syncing with iTunes to follow.

iTunes Sync
Syncing with iTunes. Installation was pretty straight-forward although my Mac threw a barney because I had too many programs open (Photoshop, iPhoto, Firefox, Safari, Preview, iChat, iTunes – it's more complex than you think this blogging lark) and slowed down a lot.

iTouch sync options
There's some interesting sync options. As well as Address Book and Calendars you can sync up Yahoo Address Book contacts and Safari Bookmarks.

iPod touch synced with music
And there we have it. Music on the new iPod touch.

We'll now give it a thorough testing and give you a full report later. That final shot reminds us that it's time for a well-earned drink – more tomorrow.

PS: Check out the finger-marks on that last shot. You'll be needing that cleaning cloth that comes with it.