Noise-cancelling headphones eliminate irritating background noise
London, 12 August 2010 – Blackbox, the cutting-edge provider of best-in-class audio products, today announces the arrival of the M10 headphones, which virtually eliminate the effects of disturbing background noise such as people talking or engine hums through active and passive noise rejection.
The compact M10’s provide unrivalled sound quality and comfort for frequent flyers, rush-hour commuters, office-workers and DJs alike with a carry pouch making them easy to carry and store. With the high performing Active Noise Rejection™ (ANR) technology delivered in the M10 headphones (£89.99), music can be listened to at lower levels reducing the risk of damage to hearing.  Background noise can also lead to stress and fatigue.

Neil Truckell, UK Brand Manager of Blackbox: “Background noise is debilitating, especially when stuck on a plane or train.  The M10 is packed with everything consumers need to avoid disturbing background noise. The headphones combine high-performance noise-cancelling technology, a stylish design and comfort, leaving you to enjoy listening to music on the go.”

The headphones cancel 85% of background noise using ANR technology provided by Phitek Systems, a global leader in electro-acoustic technologies and active noise-cancellation.  ANR is a unique patented technology that virtually eliminates disturbing background noise. It works by intelligently measuring the noise field in the ear, before calculating and reintroducing an ‘anti-noise’ response, resulting in near silence by continuously adapting to the prevailing noise conditions.
The headphones are fitted with durable and ultra-soft ear pads and supplied with rotating headphone cups.  The Blackbox M10 earphones are available to buy from Amazon and Play.
Technical specifications for the M10:
Technology - Phitek Systems ANR
Active noise-cancellation - Up to 18dB
Audio frequency response - 20Hz to 22kHz +/-3dB
Speaker - 40mm dynamic
Magnet type - Neodymium
Speaker impedance - 64 Ohm
Size & Weight
Dimensions (mm) - 174 x 163 x 80 (HxWxD)
Weight - 180g
Power plant
Battery technology - 1 x AAA battery
Battery life - Up to 40 hours
Cord and connectors
Cord Length - 1.6 m detachable
Connector - 3.5 mm stereo