Artificial Technology Gives Gamers Big-Time Stadium Thrills in 'Online Soccer Champions'

Big Collision Games relies on EKI One® for new soccer MMOG

Puchheim, 02 December 2010: Artificial Technology GmbH and Irish developer Big Collision Games are working together on the new MMOG, 'Online Soccer Champions'. Contributing their groundbreaking middleware EKI One®, the developers from Bavaria bring lifelike artificial intelligence and an exhilarating soccer experience to the pitch and the stands.

The development team at Big Collision Games is gearing up to bring its new title 'Online Soccer Champions' to market. The MMOG fuses an open world character with the classic soccer game. Followers of "the beautiful game" can line up with other players across the globe to form teams to compete against other soccer aficionados, take part in championships, or use the Social Lobby to interact with others outside the matches.

Away from the soccer field, the players move in an open world, training, chatting, or accepting challenges. For advanced artificial intelligence in the new game, the Irish developers are relying on Artificial Technology's EKI One® middleware. It ensures strikingly realistic behavior for non-player characters and their environment - both on the pitch and in the open world. At the same time, the technology creates the desired stadium atmosphere and supports game situation and mission analysis as well as social lobby behavior.

Artificial Technology CEO Frank Gwosdz comments on the collaboration: "We are very proud to be working with Big Collision Games and creating genuine passion in 'Online Soccer Champions'. EKI One® is a perfect fit for one of the most popular and emotional sports in the world. We look forward to the challenge of bringing complex artificial intelligence to the authentic world of 'Online Soccer Champions'."

Marty Brickey, CEO of Big Collision Games, enthuses about the new partnership: "We are thrilled with the progress of AI and EKI One® and are excited about the scope it will add to 'Online Soccer Champions'." Mike Turner, VP of Business Development at Big Collision Games, adds: "It is great to work with such passionate people, committed to bring their vision of emotional avatars to life, and as committed to seeing our vision come to life in 'Online Soccer Champions'."

The publisher of 'Online Soccer Champions' in Germany is Gamigo AG.

(Characters: 2,219)

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