Looking for something stylish this holiday?

Auluxe announces partnership with Selfridges and Harrods
Auluxe is pleased to announce their partnership with Selfridges and Harrods, allowing consumers everywhere more opportunities to snap up these beautiful speakers and treat their loved ones to something special this Christmas. The holidays are the perfect time to catch up with friends and family, indulge in canapés and champagne, and rock around the Christmas tree. 

So treat yourself to a luxury shopping experience at Selfridges or Harrods and fill your party with ambience and Christmas spirit with the sound of the latest tunes playing out from a set of Auluxe speakers!

The new Reverie CASA is a luxurious digital music system with universal dock to fit the latest iPod models, so you can play funky tunes from your iPhone or FM radio.

With a superbly crafted look to transform your environment at a click of a button, the Reverie CASA adds sophisticated richness to any holiday setting and is the perfect gift for any gadget junkie on your list. Available in a glossy white sheen or an elegant wooden finish, it completes any stylishly decorated home!
The Auluxe Dew is a lightweight, lavish 2.1 Mini HiFi system with a truly unique cube design to fill your holiday space with music and style. Owning a HiFi system doesn’t have to mean a compromise on quality and elegance as the Dew is available in a range of silky soft wood veneers including Maple and Cherry Chrome, Glossy White and Glossy Black. With its stylish look and versatility, the Auluxe Dew Mini HiFi system is ideal for any holiday party setting or for any music lover on your Christmas list, especially as it weighs just 6.7kg!
Bring harmony and style to your holiday party with the Auluxe Reverie CASA or the Auluxe Dew to fill you party space with glamour, music and Christmas cheer!

The Auluxe Reverie is a deluxe multi-functional digital music system. It has an integrated universal dock for iPod models, including the iPhone, an FM radio and an alarmclock,allowing you to carry audio files wherever you go and access them in bit-perfect playback through the music system.

Designed to enhance your listening experience, the Auluxe Reverie transforms sound quality into a state of mind. With its superbly crafted aluminum, curvaceous lines and a remote control to transform your environment at a click of a button, the Auluxe Reverie adds sophisticated richness to any setting. Available in a glossy, white sheen or a sleek wooden finish, it’s ideal for any stylish, contemporary home!