Call2 iPhone app – saving you money with every call

iPhone app saves up to 95% on telephone calls and over 30% on roaming charges

Delivers high quality telephony at reduced cost

Saving money on any call, from anywhere to anywhere

London, 3rd  November 2010. Call2, a leading provider of high quality, low cost telephony, today launched its iPhone app enabling iPhone users to enjoy low cost, high quality phone calls from anywhere to anywhere.
Call2’s iPhone app lets users save money with every call.  By using the app, callers can access contacts stored on the iPhone and generate a phone call to them.  They are then called back by Call2 and immediately connected to the person they want to speak to.  Because the calls are generated by Call2, users benefit from the low cost call rates that Call2 has negotiated and can save over 30% on International operator mobile roaming charges.
Users of the Call2 app have the freedom to choose to have the call sent to their landline or mobile phone, enabling them to keep using their iPhone whilst talking on the landline.  Because Call2’s service uses only traditional telephone lines, not Voice over IP, every call is crystal clear quality – exactly as you would expect a telephone call to sound – but at a fraction of the cost.
Andrew Try, Managing Director of Call2, said: “Everyone loves using the iPhone but the cost of mobile calls can be high, especially if you are abroad.  This is where the Call2 iPhone app comes into its own.  You can phone anyone, anywhere from the app safe in the knowledge that the call is being routed in the most cost effective way possible.  For calls from the UK to overseas, this can mean a saving of up to 95% of the cost.”
“Call2 is making it easier for iPhone users to save money.  The free app is downloadable from iTunes and even includes 10p worth of free calls, to let users try the service out before they buy,” continued Try. “Unlike Voice over IP apps, users can be sure that the mobile networks will not block the calls or only allow access over wi-fi.  Every call on Call2 uses traditional phone lines, delivering great call quality but saving you money.”
Call2’s iPhone app is available now from the iTunes store to download for free.
Notes for Editors
Call2’s iPhone app works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Available as a free download from iTunes here:
About Call2

Call2 is a revolutionary service that enables anyone to save money on telephony without a reduction in the quality of the call.  Call2 enables users to benefit from the best available calling rates from anywhere to anywhere.  When users dial a number, Call2 generates a phone call back to the user and then dials the recipient of the call.  By generating both calls, Call2 can save users up to 95% of the cost of phone calls.  Call2 has more than 75,000 customers and was founded in 1997.