callas pdfToolbox 4 provides cross-platform automated transparency flattening

Berlin, September 6th, 2010 - callas software announces the availability of a significant update to its pdfToolbox product-line. pdfToolbox 4 version 4.5 now offers transparency flattening not only for Windows but also for Mac OS X and Linux. pdfToolbox 4 can handle files with live transparency for CMYK and spot colors, while keeping most raster, vector and text elements intact.
The pdfToolbox transparency flattening is based on Adobe technology and has been enhanced to deal with complex files and elements. Other solutions on the market flatten and rasterize the entire page or document and are limited to CMYK only documents. With pdfToolbox 4, drop shadows, vignettes, translucent or softly blending objects, and other effects based on transparency can all be dealt with, without losing the difference between raster and vector elements.

Printers and publishers can now accept files including live transparency without the need to update all their RIPs. Designers and agencies can easily and fully automatically create and deliver standards-based PDF files from one master PDF without having to trade-off on creativity: effects such as drop shadows and vignettes can now be used, and depending on the type of output, flattened as needed.

With this update, callas software strengthens its server-based transparency flattening offering. Before, automated transparency flattening required a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional and a license of callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2. With transparency flattening now supporting Mac, Windows and Linux, callas software closes the loop of a stand-alone solution for transparency flattening in addition to all of the other features and benefits pdfToolbox 4 has to offer.

“The update is awesome, the flattening is much faster than with pdfAutoOptimizer 2. Also the resulting PDF is of higher quality, the files are much smaller and the images are not made of tiny little parts anymore.” – Peter Nagy, Colorcom, Hungary

Availability and Pricing
callas pdfToolbox 4 version 4.5 is available immediately for €499. Upgrades from previous versions of pdfToolbox 4 are free. For upgrades from earlier versions, please contact your local partner or send an e-mail to [email protected]

callas pdfToolbox Server 4 version 4.5 is available for €3999. A trial version can be downloaded at For pdfToolbox Server customers with a service contract, the update is free of charge.

About callas software
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