Fancy a Mercedes? Play Hotshot Pool for iPhone

Mobile games studio Neon Play ( home of Flick Football and Golf Putt Pro has launched Hotshot Pool, 100 levels of arcade action with girls…on a table.

Control shot angles and power to determine the best way to pot the black, to unlock more levels and more girls. There are five girl stages to unlock - Cindy, Angel, Tiffany, Brandy and Mercedes - and each girl has 20 levels to complete.
Shots get progressively more difficult challenging the player to determine the best way to pot each ball. It’s starts easy, that’s Cindy but if to meet Mercedes is a real challenge.
“It’s fun and addictive,” said Oli Christie, CEO Neon Play. “It’s the ‘Angry Birds’ of pool games and contains some real smashers.”
Download the game here -
Coming soon
Hotshot Pool Cheats - Neon Play also has an app waiting for Apple approval called Hotshot Pool Cheats. If players are stuck on any of the 100 levels, this $0.99/£0.59 app gives you an image of the level with the correct angle to hit the white ball, plus a description of how to complete the level.
Hotshot Pool HD - Neon Play is also developing an HD version of the game for iPad and this will also include an extra 20 levels.
About Neon Play Ltd
Neon Play Ltd is a mobile games studio founded by Oli Christie, ex-creative director of InboxDMG. Neon Play makes iPhone games and apps and works with a variety of partners to launch the most addictive and fun games on the Apple App Store.