-  UK exclusive for 2 x 12 Core AMD processors and 32 GB useable RAM
-  50 per cent off all dedicated servers for first 3 months
11 October 2010, Gloucester, UK:  Fasthosts Internet Ltd, (, a leading web hosting provider, and Technology Sponsor of The Great Exhibition 2012, today unveiled its most powerful server to date and a first for the UK dedicated server market – a 24 Core Dedicated Server. 

Priced competitively from £349/month+VAT, the Fasthosts DS 1100 boasts 2 x 12 Core AMD processors, a massive 32GB RAM, fast SAS hot-swappable hard disk drives with RAID1 redundancy and free KVM remote access.  Currently offered half price for the first 3 months, Fasthosts’ Dedicated

Servers offer enterprises a powerful and secure server platform and far greater flexibility than on-premise solutions.
Dedicated Servers are the ideal solution for IT professionals and businesses that require robust server operations for applications and data storage without the capital expenditure or the physical space required for running hardware 24/7 on their premises. 

Fasthosts servers use the latest Intel and AMD processor cores to deliver powerful, energy-efficient performance, meaning intensive programs can be run simultaneously without the need to slow down.  Users enjoy guaranteed access to bandwidth, and retain complete hands on (KVM) remote control of their server at all times.
Fasthosts’ new flagship DS 1100 Dedicated Server solution delivers a market-leading performance via its 2 x 2.1Ghz AMD Opteron 12 Core processors, 32GB RAM and 2 x 300GB SAS + 2 x 500GB SATA hot-swappable hard disk drives.  Fasthosts’ Cisco switching technology allows users to add multiple servers to create their own secure private network.  Fasthosts also includes free SSL certificates for the first year.
Andy Burton, CEO Fasthosts Internet Ltd, said “Our DS1100 server is a fine example of the excellent business case for outsourced dedicated hosting – enterprises receive the best possible performance, protection for their data and business continuity, whilst paying only a fraction of the cost of buying their own hardware. 

Our investments in the very latest server architecture mean our dedicated servers are not only evolving in terms of raw power, but are now more intuitive to use, responsive and scalable than ever before.  This new hardware based Dedicated Sever range complements our high spec virtual server solutions which we launched earlier this year, providing our partners and customers with real choice in platform, specification and price”.
Fasthosts Dedicated Servers are available with either Linux or Windows (2003 and 2008) operating systems and boast an impressive range of standard features, including full admin control and root access, fast SAS drives and RAID 1 protection, Fasthosts’ unlimited bandwidth and 100Mbps high-speed virtual data pipe.  Every Fasthosts server is maintained with the latest operating system updates to maximise efficiency and security.  Technical support is provided 24/7 from the UK via the phone or online.
Later this month, Fasthosts will launch a new Advanced Server Monitoring service that provides its dedicated server customers with automatic updates on their server resources and the performance of the applications and databases they have deployed.  Priced at £19.99/month+VAT, customers can receive their updates via text message or email.  Server monitoring updates are designed to help users realise their server’s full performance and adapt their future requirements cost effectively.
The Fasthosts Dedicated Server range now comprises: – DS300 (Dual Core & 2GB RAM), priced from only £29.50/month+VAT for first 3 months and £59/month+VAT thereafter, – DS500 (Dual Core & 4GB RAM), priced from £39.50/month+VAT for first 3 months and £79/month+VAT thereafter, – DS700 (Quad Core & 8GB RAM), priced from £59.50/month+VAT for first 3 months and £119/month+VAT thereafter, – DS900X (Xeon Quad Core & 8GB RAM), priced from £74.50/month+VAT for first 3 months and £149/month+VAT thereafter, –  DS1000XX (2 x Xeon Quad Core & 16GB RAM), priced from £104.50/month+VAT for first 3 months and £209/month + VAT thereafter, and – DS1100 (Opteron 12 Core & 32GB RAM), priced from £174.50/month+VAT for first 3 months and £349/month+ VAT thereafter.
Data from Fasthosts’ recent ‘Cloud Attitudes' study(1) of 200 UK firms, conducted by IDC, found that remote access to applications and data whilst off-site is now a major requirement for UK businesses.  The survey reveals that 61 per cent now require remote workers to have ‘full access’ their office network.  1 in 5 now require staff to access applications (such as CRM, ERP etc) from outside the premises.  Dedicated servers are often the most reliable and low maintenance option for companies to achieve prompt and secure access to their data 24/7.
Businesses are assured that Fasthosts guarantees 99.9% or higher server uptime.  Servers are located within the company’s state-of-the-art UK data centres, where all operations are protected against compromise by hardware, power or network failures or unapproved site access.
As a leading web host, Fasthosts offers a comprehensive range of web solutions including domain name registrations, email solutions (including mobile email services), shared web hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, secure online storage, online payment services, reseller web hosting and feature-rich broadband packages.
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(1) 209 UK companies surveyed by IDC
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