Free new Wallace and Gromit Aardmag Magazine App - Coming Soon - Published on 11/22/10


62WestWallabyStreet is launching a Wallace and Gromit bi-Monthly, completely free, online magazine "The Aardmag" on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch next Month. The magazine centers around the work of Aardman Animations, the incredible company behind Wallace and Gromit. The App launches in early December.

The magazine has been running for a year, and has proved a huge hit with fans of all ages and all levels of interest.

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom - 62WestWallabyStreet is thrilled to announce that it's bi-Monthly, completely free, online magazine 'The Aardmag' is to launch on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with its own App next Month. The magazine centres around the work of Aardman Animations, the incredible company behind Wallace & Gromit.

The magazine has been running for a year, and has proved a huge hit with fans of all ages and all levels of interest. With a mixture of content from exclusive Wallace and Gromit comic strips, through games and into more in-depth articles, it hopes to inspire every fan to explore Aardman's work beyond the better known productions such as Wallace and Gromit.

As Editor Sebastian Hamilton says: "Wallace and Gromit is a world-wide phenomenon. Yet it makes up only a tiny fraction of the amazing work that Aardman Animations produces! The Aardmag allows people to relive their enjoyment of the films they have seen, and hopefully will inspire them to look further into Aardman's work too. They truly are a fantastic company, creating some of the most inventive productions of our lifetime, and almost all their work is free to view - be it on the television or online. For this reason I wanted the magazine to be free as well, so as many people as possible can read it."

The decision to move onto iOS software didn't come immediately, but is now considered a no-brainer by Sebastian Hamilton. "To be perfectly honest I'm not a great eBooks fan myself - and I don't think they're the future! There's nothing nicer than the feel of a book and the fact you're not staring at a monitor. But when I saw the iPad I realised the effect it could have on newspapers and magazines. I'd already cancelled several subscriptions to magazines I enjoyed in the few Months before the iPad was announced, simply because I never read them! I didn't get the chance, they were never to hand when I wanted them. I then realised that carrying magazines on the iPad could be a massive advantage - if it felt 'right'."

"I got hold of an iPad and spent a while playing with it, trying out just about every magazine app there is while on my summer holiday in Devon. I came to realise that, for me, no one App has got everything spot on. I had niggles with them all in one way or another, but taking them all into account, and taking the best bits from each App, I felt I could design the perfect Magazine App. I'd had experience with iOS software earlier in the year, when my company launched 'PocketMe' - an iPhone Soundboard Recorder App - so I got down to work and created the framework for what I want from a magazine App."

"We had hoped to launch in early November, but my team and I realised that frankly we wanted more time to really perfect the App. It's now filled with references and fun little bits to explore - and that's before you even start reading the magazine! This is a totally unique App, we haven't cut any corners - we want to provide the complete experience. It's not gimmicky, and we haven't filled it with interactive bits actually, because then it might as well just be a website! The iOS possibilities should only be used to make reading the magazine more pleasurable, not just for the sake of including them."

The App launches in early December, just as Wallace and Gromit mania will be in full swing thanks to the Royal Mail Christmas stamps in the UK, Wallace and Gromit's new television show 'World of Invention', and so many other appearances of the duo over the Christmas period.

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