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27 Oct 2010 [PRESSWIRE] -- The Gentle Alarm, for iPhone and iPod touch (patent pending) could reduce stress hormone levels, improve skeletal muscle strength and erectile function and make weight loss easier.

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Recent Japanese research shows that male virility and erectile function is closely related to the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol measured in saliva or blood.

Kobori and coworkers (Kanazawa University, Ishikawa, Japan) were able to demonstrate, that the concentrations of bioavailable cortisol in blood and in saliva show a significant inverse correlation with the IIEF-Score. The IIEF-Score measures the male virility and erectile function.

This correlation indicates, that high concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol worsen male virility and erectile function while low cortisol concentrations have beneficial effects.

Clinical Neurologist Dr. Hans Joerg Stuerenburg, M.D., Ph.D. developed and patented an innovative adaptive stress free alarm clock, „The gentle alarm‰. Compared to conventional alarm clocks, the revolutionary Gentle Alarm introduces an individualized, natural wake up procedure, which adapts itself to the users‚ particular needs within a few nights. This patented alarm clock is leading to a gentle and stress free wake up.

Sudden, abrupt waking in the morning as with loud, conventional alarm clocks and the associated release of stress hormones and cortisol from the adrenal gland can be avoided by using this novel and intelligent self adapting sleep cycle alarm clock.

One effect of this individualized, stress free and natural wake up process and the gentle, soft wake up, could be a improvement of the male virility and erectile function.

Stuerenburg sees additional health benefits of this intelligent innovation in weight loss. In addition, Cortisol reduction will also lead to increased skeletal muscle mass, since one of the adverse effects of cortisol is skeletal muscle wasting.

The Gentle Alarm is easy to use. In order to be woken up smoothly, sleepers will be guided from the deep sleep phase or dream phase into the light sleep phase by gentle sounds.

Unlike the hitherto existing sleep cycle alarm clocks The Gentle Alarm does not require additional implement such as wristband motion sensors, sound sensors or movement sensors. Users simply set their desired wake up time. After waking up, they merely slide a finger across the screen to stop the alarm. Everything else is taken care of by the patented and intelligent system.

The Gentle Alarm was developed for iPhone in collaboration with Craft mobile and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes AppStore for iPhone or iPod Touch (requires iPhone OS Version 3.0 or newer).

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