27.09.2010 (Munich/Hamburg) – Today itsmy, the mobile social game network focusing on casual gaming in the mobile web, launches the free to play mobile multiplayer game - Space Dwellers - from Hamburg (Germany) based developer KrassGames for its worldwide audience.

The social gamers from itsmy can  now easily access, share, challenge and play Space Dwellers from their personal gaming playground on itsmy and also from the leading social networks with any internet device and come back from the orbit anytime with one touch on the phone.

Space Dwellers is a Sci-Fi strategy online game. You can play with thousands of other players, build a fleet of space ships, research new technologies, attack other players and explore the universe.  Space Dwellers offers endless fun and action, the deep game play is a challenge for all fans of strategy games.

Alexander von der Geest, COO KrassGames “We are really looking forward to launching Space Dwellers on itsmy. Space Dwellers is a real mobile MMOG, and we are convinced that it will offer many hours of fun and action to the itsmy community“
Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO itsmy “The exciting science fiction adventures of Space Dwellers are a perfect addition to our catalogue. I personally played the game on my iPhone and was impressed what kind of game play is already possible. These are the games our worldwide audience loves, shares and plays with their friends”
About KrassGames
krassGames is a developer of mobile browser online games (MMOGs), based in Hamburg, Germany. Its first two games Space Dwellers and Mobile FC are already being played by thousands of passionate gamers. The krassGames MMOGs run on all major mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, J2ME, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc.  

About itsmy

itsmy is a mobile social game developer and gaming network. The currently 80+ social games developed by itsmy are played daily by gamers from 80+ countries via the mobile web browser on more than 10,000 different mobile devices and phones. Features of the Gaming Network include: Add, share and playing games from worldwide developers, friend interaction cross social networks, digital gifting, leaderboards, cross-game trophies and achievements. Challenges, private and in-game messaging, teams and a customizable playgrounds for every gamer. The mobile casual and social games include: Celebrity Fame Game 1+2, Criminal Pizza, Love Hating Squirrels and The Cowsnatchers Trilogy. itsmy is a brand of Gofresh GmbH (Munich/Germany).