New Apple futuristic alarm comes with your own personal Psychologist

A new innovation in personal alarms clocks may change the way people approach their sleep. iFit Technologies recently launched what they claim to be the worlds most powerful personal alarm clock with advanced statistical sleep data.
“Most alarms clocks do a singular job, they wake you up at a designated time. Sleep Science Alarm however users high tech monitoring technology and some complex sleep fatigue algorithms to determine all of the users sleeping stages and will then awake the user at the best possible time to ensure you awake refreshed,” said Brett Galbraith, founder of iFit Technologies.
“In addition to waking you up refreshed, this is the only alarm ever created that also had the power to wake you up as a better person.”
Sleep Science Alarm comes with it’s own built in iPsychologist. In simple terms, it’s like having your own personal psychologist with you seven days a week.
“Most people are aware these days of the enormous power of self talk or auto suggestion as a tool for both positive and potentially catastrophic physical and mental health outcomes. Just watch some of the TV talk shows and you will hear about the power of positive self talk and how mindsets and your physical health can be totally changed by how you speak to yourself.”
iPsychologist was created with the help of Psychologists to act as your personal councilor and comes with a comprehensive range of “Sessions” to help users excel in life, not just to make it through another day. Users can even record their own voices over each session which enables them to speak positive messages directly to themselves.
“It’s exciting as a company to be part of something that will bring hope and healing to millions of people. Not only that, but by improving your sleeping patterns and understanding, you are guaranteed of a whole range of other health and relationship benefits.”
Sleep Science Alarm is also set to become a favorite with Doctors around the country.
“One of the exciting things we discovered when developing this product was the feedback we got from the medical community. Sleep disorders of one sort or another are experienced by over 30% of a Western culture and are one of the most common issues dealt with by medical practitioners. The biggest problem Doctors face is determining the accuracy of their patients self assessment when it comes to their sleeping patterns and then determining the best course of action based on fairly unreliable data. Now their patients can use our system and the Doctors will be able to determine vastly more accurate sleep and awake times with advanced statistics including; REM sleep, sleep stages 1 to 4 and even how long and how often users awoke during the night. This is obviously pretty powerful and will lead to vastly improved advice and outcomes.”
“Another surprising element of our research was to do with determining the best times for people to use these powerful self talk strategies. What we discovered was that the human mind is most open to autosuggestion as they are going to sleep and as they are waking up. It’s during these times that our minds are most willing to accept positive messages that would be rejected during other times of the day. This is one of the reasons that this program is so powerful and potentially life changing for it’s users.”
iFit Technologies have also added some very useful features to their alarm clock program.
For example the ability to record your own message allows you to create humorous or date specific wake up messages around birthdays and anniversaries.
They have included a “one touch torch” so that you can use your phone to go to the bathroom or the pantry without having to turn on lights or turn off the program.
A simulated sunrise means that the phone lights up a few minutes before the alarm to naturally increase your cortisol levels and wake you up naturally.
iPod integration allows you to choose your own alarm music and finally there is even a humorous session to help iPhone users who are addicted to iPhone games.
Sleep Science Alarm is currently available on the iPhone and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or directly through iTunes.