Noise Machine 1.0 - White, Brown and Pink Noise Generator for Mac OS X - Published on 10/06/10

IMMEDIATE RELEASE today released Noise Machine 1.0, its new white noise and soundscape generator. Noise Machine is designed to help users block out workplace noise and create a more productive work environment to suit individual mood. Noise Machine can generate white, brown and pink noise as well as a range of nature and industrial sounds. Sound masking is particularly effective at canceling out distracting workplace chatter and can contribute substantially to better task focus.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - today is pleased to release version 1.0 of its latest product, Noise Machine. Noise Machine is a white noise and soundscape generator designed to help block out workplace noise and create more productive work environments that suit the mood of its users.

It can be very hard and tiring to try to concentrate in a noisy work environment. The chatter of co-workers can be especially hard to block out. Conversely excessively quiet environments can lack energy and can feel very isolating. Noise Machine generates white, brown and pink noise, whose special properties are often used to mask out other environmental sounds and favor concentration and task focus.

Noise Machine also features a range of natural and artificial soundscapes to suit different moods, ranging from relaxing to energizing. Designed to be as unobtrusive and simple to use as possible, Noise Machine's icon "lives" in the menu bar and is accessible at any time via a simple click. The menu bar item allows users to choose amongst a range of sounds, adjust the volume and change the sound output device.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
* Universal Binary for Intel and PowerPC
* 60 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Noise Machine may be purchased for $9.95 (USD). Family, Business and Enterprise licensing is also available. Customers may chose to include a "forever upgrade" with their purchase. Noise Machine is free for registered users of our Vitamin-R productivity tool for creative professionals.

Noise Machine 1.0:
Download Noise Machine:
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