Onkyo is pleased to announce that it will launch a free iPhone/iTouch-compatible Remote Control App for its Networked AV receivers early in Q1 of 2011.

The Onkyo Remote Control App will turn any iPhone or iTouch into a versatile, fully-functional, touch-driven wireless remote control that will integrate seamlessly with Onkyo's upcoming range of next generation Networked AV receivers, as well as many current and older networked models.

The App will replicate day-to-day operations such as altering volume/balance/mute/input selection/listening modes etc. Gesture control will also be incorporated and owners will be able to browse Internet Radio station lists as well as content held on NAS (Network Attached Storage).

The App will offer full control of most of the functionality on Onkyo's upcoming next generation AV receivers (launching in 2011) as well as much of the functionality on current ***8 series AV receivers (TX-NR708, 808, 1008, 3008, 5008, and PR-SC5508). Owners of ***7 series AV receivers will be able to use the App to control basic receiver functions such as volume up/down, changing inputs etc.

Compatible Onkyo AV receivers will need to be connected to a wireless router via Ethernet. Further details about the Onkyo Remote Control App for iPhone/iTouch will be released early in Q1 of 2011