11/18/10 - Ecamm Network today announced the release of Printopia. The new Mac application joins forces with Apple's much-anticipated AirPrint feature to allow effortless printing to any printer, and to provide innovative new printing options. 

AirPrint-compatible iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices can now print to any printer configured on the user's Mac, or directly to Printopia's virtual printers.

Apple's upcoming iOS 4.2 update adds a new Print feature to many iPhone apps.  With Printopia, Mac users can print to any printer configured on their Mac, or save paper by using the "Send to Mac" virtual printer.  When this option is used, print jobs are saved directly to the Mac as PDF and image files.  Additionally, Dropbox.com users can send files directly to their Mac's Dropbox directory for instant synchronization to the cloud.

"We're really excited about Printopia's ease of use and elegant interface, and we believe it will quickly become an essential part of the AirPrint workflow for Mac users," said Ecamm Network's chief engineer Ken Aspeslagh.  Printopia's settings screen integrates seamlessly into the Mac's System Preferences panel, allowing users to start or stop the Printopia service and select which printers are shared.  No system files are modified, making Printopia safe to use.

"The approach we've taken is unique," continued Aspeslagh, "allowing us to provide the greatest level of compatibility with your existing printers, without compromising features or future capabilities."

Printopia supports any printer your Mac can print to, including networked and password-protected printers.  iOS 4.2 and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher are required.

Printopia costs $9.95 and a free, fully functional 7 day trial is available at http://www.ecamm.com/mac/printopia

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