Race your way to a iTunes gift card with Crazy Taxi! this winter - Published on 12/16/10


London based Michaels Apps today announced a promotional holiday contest for Crazy Taxi!, the developer's arcade style racing game for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Designed for users to compete for high scores against an online community, Crazy Taxi's leaderboards will be cleared on December 20th with the highest scoring players on Crazy Taxi's regular and HD leaderboards each set to receive a iTunes gift card at the conclusion of the contest on January 31st.

London, England - Michaels Apps., an emerging developer of mobile games and applications, has announced an upcoming holiday contest for the regular and High Definition versions of it's Crazy Taxi! game apps that will see two $50 iTunes gift cards given away at the end of January.

On December 20th the developer will clear all of high scores currently on Crazy Taxi's Online Leaderboard and invite anyone how has bought either version of the game to compete for the top high score spots on each of the game's two leaderboards - one dedicated to the normal game and the other tracking only Crazy Taxi! HD scores.

On December 31st the two players holding the highest scores on these Crazy Taxi! Online Leaderboards will each receive an iTunes gift card worth $50. Aiming to inspire active competition amongst its users with this promotion, Crazy Taxi! is currently available for both the iPhone and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Developed to provide users with action driven entertainment that combines elements from classic games such as Frogger with the fast paced gameplay of traditional racing titles. Users must race forwards and get to distance checkpoints before their time bank runs out in order to keep playing. Since players receive continuously less and less time to get to each consecutive checkpoint they must drive ever more quickly in order to progress onwards through the game and get the highest score they possibly can.

To make things more challenging, users are forced to make their way around slow moving cars blocking their path by either swerving around them or - if left with no other choice - jumping over them. The inclusion of this element works to make Crazy Taxi! an engaging gaming experience that requires users to concentrate and employ quick fire strategic decisions in order to succeed to their full potential.

Crazy Taxi! is developed to be a well rounded mobile gaming experience. Players are able unlock new tracks as well as new vehicle models as they play and have the option of selecting a personalized color for their chosen racecars. This game also features a well thought online leader board system which encourages users to compete with other players within the Crazy Taxi! community rather than only against themselves. With an active base of enthusiastic players, combined with its upcoming promotional holiday contest, and gameplay that is as mentally engaging as it is addicting and exciting, Crazy Taxi! may just prove too enticing an app to miss out on this Christmas.

Crazy Taxi!: http://www.michaelsapps.com/
Purchase and Download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/michaels-creations/id388203617

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