Readers save time capturing content online with the Memonic Clip Button

Memonic has launched The Memonic Clip Button - allowing publishers and bloggers everywhere to let their readers capture their content and build their own archive for free.

Losing content is a common theme for readers, as bookmarks expire, print-outs of articles are a tedious and environmentally unfriendly way to gather, and copy-pasting is exhausting.  As a result, many times reader frustration turns into readers only visiting a site once, having read and then lost your content forever.

Memonic has come up with a way to retain those readers, and solve their problem. With the Memonic Clip Button, readers can just clip articles into their own digital archive, essentially cataloguing your blog and website, and making your site the central knowledge hub for their clips from your and other sources.  Viewable from any PC, smartphone, and iPhone/iPad, this is THE tool for reader retention in the Digital Age.

Says Dorian Selz, CEO of Memonic: "Customer retention is the name of the game today. Everyone today - from just people who have a blog, to big publishers, want and need to give their readers more to do with the content they publish. With the easy to install and free Memonic extension, they give their readers the chance to build their own archive.  The readers will then stay longer, clip more on their site, and have an increased loyalty to the site."

How it works:

As soon as a visitor clicks on this button, the page content defined by the publisher, user or blogger will be saved directly to the visitor's Memonic collection. Thus, readers could literally store any content from the site forever, and access it again as their own Memonic archive anywhere, anytime - from their PC to their iPhone.
To try it out right now, go to for the two step instructions, check out the tutorial at:, or just go to's "Get Started" page and follow the simple directions.

If you like it, you can place this button directly on your site now!

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Since November 2009, Swiss-based internet start-up Memonic has offered any web user the ability to capture the essential of any webpage, e-mail, word or excel document by simply clipping it, automatically saving it to a personal online notebook. Once the user has organised their content, they will forever find these snippets (text, papers, pictures, and more) anytime, and anywhere. Available on the Web, Windows, iPhone/iPad and any Smartphone.