Shazam Launches Innovative ‘Listening Screen Takeover’ Advertising Service with Universal Music Campaign
Service Increases Impact and Creativity for Mobile Advertisers on iPhone and iPod touch

London, UK – December 2, 2010 – Shazam, the world’s leading mobile discovery provider, today announced the launch of an innovative, in-app advertising campaign service called the ‘Shazam Listening Screen Takeover’ which allows advertisers and marketing partners to own the iconic Shazam listening screen while a song is being identified by Shazam users on iPhones and iPod touches.

Universal Music is the first label in the UK to take advantage of this innovation in a campaign running until 15 January 2011.  The campaign promotes a roster of 28 artists – from Lady Gaga to the Black Eyed Peas – on Shazam using the Listening Screen Takeover.  Universal Music is complementing this creative move with a buyout of 100 per cent of Shazam’s banner inventory in the UK over the campaign period.

The deal was brokered on Shazam’s behalf by Fetch Media and premium mobile sales agency, 4th Screen Advertising with Fetch Media also working on behalf of Universal Music to create 28 different expandable banners, representing each artist in the campaign.  

Shazamers will tag a chosen song and instead of the distinctive blue Shazam listening screen that appears as the song is being identified, iPhone and iPod touch users who have downloaded the free, ad-supported version of Shazam, will instead see a high-impact advertisement across three quarters of the screen.

“Shazam is driving innovation around mobile discovery, finding creative ways that allow brand advertisers, music labels and talent to interact with our fan base of millions in an engaging and exclusive environment,” said Evan Krauss, Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, Shazam.

“Launching with Universal Music is a stellar start for our Listening Screen Takeover initiative and we think it has huge potential for marketers around the world,”  continued Krauss.
The Listening Screen Takeover takes mobile advertising to a new level by enabling marketers to engage the Shazam user with impactful creative - shown at its best on the iPhone or iPod touch screen - as the track they have tagged is being identified.

Once the track is identified and the Tag result is displayed on the next screen, the advertisement becomes an expandable, interactive banner. The Shazamer can tap on the banner to find out more information, or can simply allow the advertisement to retract to the top of the screen.

Shazamers can tap to buy the single or album on iTunes, watch the video, view lyrics or share their discovery through their social networks as normal.

The Listening Screen Takeover does not elongate the tagging process nor disrupt the Shazam experience for the user and delivers on marketers’ increasing desire to reach people via their mobile devices.
Marketers can purchase exclusive full-day sponsorships of the Listening Screen Takeover, so their campaigns are seen across the whole of Shazam’s ad-supported iPhone and iPod touch network.  Campaigns and promotions can also be tailored and delivered to specific advertising regions.

Tim Scoffham, Commercial Group Head, 4th Screen Advertising said, “Big brands and media companies are increasingly realising that mobile advertising has moved well beyond blind network strategies that score well on volume but by no means harness the true potential of the mobile channel.

 “4th Screen’s ability to deliver highly engaging rich media mobile advertising campaigns through its platform Mpression has made this campaign possible, and it’s going to deliver great value to Universal Music.”
Shazam’s ability to deliver this new, rich media format via a highly targeted bespoke campaign is going to deliver great value to Universal Music.”

James Connelly, MD of Fetch Media said: “The ability to serve targeted adverts, based on tagging history and music preferences, is going to generate strong results and to have 100 per cent share of voice over the Christmas period on Shazam is great for the Universal Music artists.”