Tesco Telecoms reports phone-paparazzi boost ghostly sightings
With Halloween approaching, research has shown that having the latest technology at our fingertips has caused a surge in the number of paranormal images that have been recorded.

Tesco Telecoms has found that one in three people have noticed spooky goings-on in photos and video clips taken on their mobiles.
This spine-chillingly high figure is driven by the growing popularity of Smartphones which have high quality cameras and the internet and email at the touch of a button.
‘Digging-up’ some consumer research into Smartphone technology and consumer behaviour, Tesco Telecoms found that 78% of people felt that their phones made it easier for them to capture those weird, unexpected moments on the cuff.
Taking their findings to Paranormal Research UK, leading investigator Phil Hayes confirmed that they had seen a 70% increase in paranormal evidence captured by Smartphone cameras or videos.
The research group attributed this rise with the fact that people carry their phones with them everywhere they go, making it easier to record those eerie moments. They also confirmed that submitting evidence has become faster, as the email and social network function on internet-enabled Smartphones, allows material to be shared easily.
Further results from Tesco Telecoms’ spooky research showed that Brits are in fact a nation open to paranormal activity with more than half of the population believing in ghosts and poltergeists.
And despite one in five admitting that if faced with a ghost they would run away, over half of Brits said they would bravely stay put and try and capture the sighting with whatever technology they have to hand.
Frighteningly, almost 60% of those questioned had or knew someone else who had experienced paranormal activity, with one in two saying that they had experienced a shiver down the spine upon entering into a room.
Some of the scariest incidences reported included objects moving by themselves, transparent figures floating across the room and ghostly cackling coming from nowhere.
Some of the male respondents even cheekily cited their wives first thing in the morning as the scariest thing they’d ever seen!
Lance Batchelor, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco Mobile commented: “Halloween is the perfect time of year to keep an eye out for the ghostly and ghoulish.
“We’d recommend those brave enough to capture any spooky sightings should MMS or email their pics to Paranormal Research UK for investigation.
“Keep your camera phone on the highest quality resolution setting and use the recorder to capture the noise of any spectral sounds.”
Top five most believed-in paranormals
1.       Ghosts
2.       Aliens
3.       UFOs
4.       Past lives
5.       Out of body experiences
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Notes to editors
The consumer research was conducted by 72 Point who surveyed over 3,000 adults across Britain in October 2010.
Research and statistics were provided by Paranormal Research UK who calculated paranormal evidence submitted from Smartphone cameras over a two year period.
More information on Tesco Telecoms can be found at www.tescophoneshop.com