Snowballs and Yetis – winter must be coming

Snowball and Yeti microphones provide the ideal Xmas gift for budding musicians, podcasters and social networker

As the winter nights close in and the temperature drops, there is one little creature that makes the most of the winter weather – the Yeti.  Not the timid legendary creature, but the Yeti USB microphone from Blue Microphones.  As the wintery weather forces people to stay indoors, it allows musicians, podcasters or social networkers the opportunity to make high fidelity recordings from the comfort of their own home.  
Home-based recordings have grown in popularity in recent years, but despite excellent software programmes, such as GarageBand from Apple, it is still very hard to make high quality recordings without needing an excessive amount of extra equipment. The omnidirectional, THX certified Yeti records high quality audio from any angle, direct to your PC, ready for editing.  Recordings can then be uploaded directly to the internet for the whole world to download.
Also ready for the winter cold is the aptly named Blue Microphones Snowball, thanks to its white spherical appearance.  The Snowball is an affordable way of making high quality USB recordings at home, so is ideal for budding recording artists.  It features two polar patterns; omnidirectional - where it hears everything at equal volume from all angles, in a 360 degree sphere; and the cardioid pattern which hears what is right in front of the microphone at full volume, while other sounds are heard at an increasingly diminished volume (off-axis).
Pricing and availability

The Yeti is available from or for £129 and the Snowball is available from or for £89.95.