Playlists have always been central to the Spotify service and with the recent introduction of Spotify social we’ve seen millions of playlists be shared between friends and family.  With millions of great playlists being created and shared we've looked to make it even easier for Spotify users to manage them with today's introduction of playlist folders in this Spotify update.

To create a playlist folder, simply go to the File -> New playlist folder or click the “+” symbol near the top left side of your screen.  Once you’ve created a folder you can just drag and drop existing playlists into it and even create folders within folders to better organise your music.

Alongside playlist folders - which up till now has been one of our users' most requested features - we're also introducing a number of other cool new features in this latest update, including:
Official Spotify Twitter updates will appear for all users in the Feed to keep you up-to-date on all the latest Spotify and music news
A new look and feel for the Search view. Artist and album images are shown to make the search view more visually arresting
Newly-added picture of playlist subscribers to the header of each playlist, so users can see at a glance who’s subscribed.
Support for Windows 7 Snap, Jump list and Taskbar features previously only available in a preview release
Added “Send to Windows Live” option
We’ll begin rolling out the new client to users today, if you'd like to be one of the first to be upgraded please write back and include your Spotify username so we can fast track your upgrade.

We really hope you love the new features as much as we do!


Andres Sehr & the press team at Spotify