SUPRA AGS-10k Audio Ground Separator - High-end Design Computer & Audio Humbuster

This new component is designed by Swedish high-end cable
company SUPRA, to solve the hum and noise problems that
can occur when connecting a computer to a Hi-fi system.
OR solve ground-loop hum problems in any Hi-fi system

SUPRA AGS-10k Humbuster
- Launch Price Offer £99.99
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The Supra AGS-10k is a very high-performance ground-isolating
transformer (or hum blocker) which is connected between (say)
the audio line-level outputs of a computer laptop and the audio
inputs of a hi-fi amplifier.

Or it can be used between any two line-level components in a
Hi-fi, Home Cinema or Studio system to avoid ground loop hum.

Differing from normal audio and computer products, the Supra AGS-10k
is a true high-end Hi-fi design using toroidal transformers with wide
frequency range and low distortion, even at the lowest frequencies.

The chassis is made from extruded aluminium, which helps prevent
any RFI pick-up. Quality gold-plated phono-sockets compete the picture

The AGS-10k is shipping now

consumer phone - 01223 441 299
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SUPRA physically manufactures cables in-house, almost everyone else
buys their cable from outside factories.

All are made with SUPRA's customary attention to detail and exceptionally
high manufacturing standards. Compared to the real 'funny money' being
asked by some brands, these SUPRA cables offer remarkable value.