In tune? – Take a look with one strum
Award-winning audio equipment manufacturer TC Electronic announces the launch of the first polyphonic guitar tuner app for iPhone, iPod and iPad
*Special three-day promotion starting Dec. 16th – check Apple App Store for the introductory offer*

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Aarhus, Denmark – 17th December 2010, TC Electronic, developer of high quality audio equipment, today announces the PolyTune™ app - an iPhone, iPod and iPad app for tuning guitars and bass guitars accurately and efficiently.  Based on the award-winning PolyTune™ pedal tuner, the application instantly shows guitarists which strings need tuning after one strum. Speeding up the tuning process, the PolyTune™ app enables musicians to concentrate on playing music and eliminate tuning time.

Download the PolyTune™ application from iTunes
The PolyTune™ app uses polyphonic technology, which picks up all the notes on an iPhone or iPad using the in-built microphone or via an external mic on an iPod.  The app instantly displays all the notes simultaneously on the screen of the device, showing users which open string needs to be tuned.
Guitar product manager, Tore Lynggaard Mogensen, comments: “We can't make tuning fun, but we can sure make it a whole lot quicker and easier. The original PolyTune™ pedal won much acclaim from professionals, but we have now transferred this to the new PolyTune™ app, making it accessible for all guitarists.  Where the pedal allows musicians to tune up quickly on-stage this app takes it a step further by allowing tuning to take place anywhere, anytime and quickly. We have accomplished what was deemed impossible until now: tuning all strings simultaneously.  It’s simple, strum, tune and rock!”
The application can tune guitars and bass guitars and contains all the smart features that made the original PolyTune™ pedal so successful.  Included in the PolyTune™ app is a MoloPoly feature which recognizes whether one or more strings are being played, then seamlessly switches between the polyphonic (multiple strings) or the chromatic (single string) display mode. In chromatic mode guitarists can choose from the traditional ‘needle’ display or the ‘stream’ display providing an alternative choice of visual representations of the pitch. Both displays utilize a ‘tuning magnet’ feature, slowing the pitch indication down the nearer the string becomes tuned.  This makes the app extremely precise with +/- 0.5 cent accuracy.
PolyTune™ features:
·         Polyphonic tuner – Tune all strings simultaneously
·         Chromatic tuner – Ultra fast and steady response, needle and stream display modes with +/- 0.5 cent accuracy
·         Drop-tunings  – Dropped tunings from E-flat down to B supported in polyphonic mode
·         Works with both guitar and bass – Both polyphonic and chromatic mode work for both guitars and 4-, 5- and 6-string Bass.
·         Updated display – Full retina display and color blind feature (blue/yellow display)
·         iOS 4 compatible
Pricing and availability
The PolyTune™ app is available on the App Store for $4.99/£3.59.
As part of an introductory offer, the PolyTune app will be available at 99c/59p for three days.
*Please note – the three-day promotional offer starts from Dec. 16th and ends at midnight on Dec. 19th (CET).