TV legend and science whiz Johnny Ball presents ‘Web without Worries’
BitDefender releases video series online to highlight perils & pitfalls

of internet crime with top tips for safer surfing for all
Johnny Ball, the celebrated children’s television presenter during the 1970s and 1980s and science and mathematics enthusiast, is now starring in a series of YouTube videos called ‘Web without Worries.’ In collaboration with BitDefender®, Johnny aims to make the internet a safer place for all by breaking down computer jargon and demystifying often misunderstood terms such as Trojans, Phishing and Zombies.
BitDefender, an award winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, has launched four short videos that are available on YouTube and the BitDefender site. Each video contains a concise explanation in simple language of the main concepts that lie behind online crime and how to spot them. While the rise in cybercrime has been well documented, Johnny provides useful advice to internet users on how to avoid falling victim to cyber gangs.
Johnny Ball’s shows were renowned for presenting scientific and technical information in an entertaining and accessible way and he continues to be recognised for his ability to bring clarity to the obscure. In these latest online safety videos, Johnny uses his popular style of presenting to explore the type of threats web users are faced with in the 21st century and stresses the importance of having the tools and knowledge to deal with such threats.
“The idea behind creating these videos in conjunction with BitDefender is to make internet security more accessible and understandable for all,” said Johnny Ball. “Being online in the comfort of your home may lead to individuals feeling secure, however criminal gangs lurk around every corner aiming to steal and commit fraud. Hopefully, the explanations will help people to understand what to look for and the tips will help them avoid becoming easy prey.”
“While the Government identifies the threat of cyber attacks as a future focus for national security, we are committed to ensuring that the individual is protected from online crime now,” said Simon Geach, Sales Director, BitDefender UK & Ireland. “The person on the street will probably not understand what a Zombie or a Phishing Attack is, but they are very real threats in today’s web connected society. We hope that our videos with Johnny Ball will help people understand security threats and benefit from a safer online environment.”
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