UK apps studio bags a million iPhone downloads

26 August 2010

iPhone games developer Neon Play has hit over a million iPhone downloads for its first two games with Golf Putt Pro achieving a staggering 250,000 downloads in just one day, pushing it to number 2 in the UK and US iPhone free download charts.

It’s the second time Cirencester-based Neon Play has had a top ten hit despite massive US competition. Its first game Flick Football and Flick Football Lite, launched in the summer has over 700,000 downloads and reached
no.8 in the charts.

The US currently dominates the iPhone app market with 8 of the top 10 games being from US studios but CEO Oli Christie thinks that there is an opportunity to establish the UK as a centre for app development, with Government support of course.

“The US is dominating the app economy but UK studios such as ours have a great opportunity to break-up this early monopoly through simple, creative, addictive games,” said Christie. "It's already a $250m a month market and the US is getting most of that. Why is the UK so slow to react and why is the government so resistant to this industry? This could be massive for the UK, generating millions in tax but the industry needs a helping hand to compete on a level playing field.”

Neon Play is launching two more games in September - Hotshot Pool and Paper Glider – and has a number of apps it is developing for well known brands and celebs in the coming months.

About Neon Play Ltd
Neon Play Ltd is a mobile games studio founded by Oli Christie, ex-creative director of InboxDMG. Neon Play makes iPhone games and apps and works with a variety of partners to launch the most addictive and fun games on the Apple App Store.