UK Parents Speak Out: Touch-Typing Viewed as Essential to their Children’s Development

Microsoft survey delves into parental beliefs about their children’s computer capabilities
London – 02 November 2010  – Research commissioned by Microsoft has revealed that an overwhelming number of UK parents believe that touch-typing is an essential skill for children. 95% of parents sampled in the survey[1], stated that touch-typing and learning to use a computer are both extremely important to their teenagers educational development.
With youngsters becoming ever more computer-savvy at increasingly younger ages, it’s not surprising that many parents rate computer ability so highly. When asked which life skills parents felt were of comparable importance to touch-typing, 52% answered ‘learning to read’ and 56% thought it was as important as  ‘learning to drive a car’, whilst 44% of parents believed that it was as important as learning to cook.
Commenting on the findings, Kairen Cullen CPsychol.AFBPsS, Chartered Psychologist (Educational) said, "Computer use, supported by key adults such as teachers and parents, can have many positive effects on learning and development.  Particular benefits include improved concentration and engagement, fine motor co-ordination, speed of response, learning new skills and problem-solving.

As the research highlights most parents see the benefit in typing and computer courses, it makes sense therefore, for children to be taught typing and computer skills so that they can maximise their time and skills in learning through computers."  

In response to the survey results, Microsoft has launched an initiative to encourage better keyboard skills by linking up with Future Learning Solutions, developers of the industry-leading touch-typing training course, Keyboard Pro. Customers purchasing selected Microsoft keyboards and deskset products will receive complimentary access to Keyboard Pro, an award-winning course that teaches computer users to touch-type using all ten fingers in around eight hours.
Speaking of this new initiative, Sophie Barnave-Gaffney, Product Marketing Manager-Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft commented, “These survey results give a fascinating insight into the way computers have permeated just about every facet of our daily lives and Microsoft is delighted to be in a position to offer people the opportunity to learn touch-typing skills via this initiative with Keyboard Pro.”
Matt Slater, MD of Future Learning Solutions comments: “As developers of Keyboard Pro, we recognise the benefits that good keyboard skills offer. Learning to touch-type saves huge amounts of time and reduces the frustration of constant error correction. For youngsters who spend significant amounts of time using computers for social or educational purposes, learning to type properly with all ten fingers makes sense. It is certainly a useful skill to be able to offer employers who are now all too aware of the impact poor typing has on staff productivity. Keyboard Pro is ideal for those aged 15 and over – and is perfect for their parents too! .”
How to redeem your complimentary touch-typing training course
This offer is available to everybody purchasing selected Microsoft keyboards and desksets (with a peel-off promotional sticker attached) available at major retailers from today.
To learn more, please go to:
Keyboard Pro training course is suitable for computer users aged 15+

About Keyboard Pro
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