UK’s First Gadget Insurance Comparison Service Launched

Easily compare multiple policies on individual gadget insurance

MP3, iPod, Sat-Nav, DVD Players, Laptop, Mobile Phones, Home Cinema, Projector, Flat Screen TVs, e-Reader Insurance, head-phone insurance and more

Money saving website has today (2nd September 2010) announced the launch of the UK’s first gadget insurance comparison service, allowing consumers to easily compare the cost of individual insurance on everything from Sat-Navs to laptops, MP3 players to PSPs, DVD players to flat screen TVs, and is likely to save cash-conscious consumers a considerable sum of money.

Mark Bower, Managing Director of, comments on the launch of the UK’s first gadget comparison service;
“As gadgets grow in importance to our daily lives making sure that you have the right level of insurance cover in place is becoming more and more essential. Our search engine is a UK first and allows consumers to easily compare the price of individual insurance in one easy place.”
With the average value of gadgets increasing consumers are turning to gadget insurance as they see it offering advantages over home insurance policies or providing greater certainty for those who do not have home cover.
Continues Bower;
“Customers using this type of insurance see benefits for a number of reasons. With the latest generation of mobile phones costing upwards of £400, and the launch of the iPad, the iPhone4 and other upmarket electronic tools, consumers understand that their gadgets are extremely attractive to opportunist thieves.”
“Whilst home contents insurance does cover some items, many policies levy high excesses, exclude certain items (such as phones) or exclude accidental damage and breakdown. Additionally specific gadget policies normally offer 48 hour replacement, which can be really important as more of us see gadgets as an essential part of our daily lives. As we become more reliant on our mobiles to organise our lives and regularly use laptops for essential data, making sure you have the right level of insurance in place is becoming increasingly important.”
The moneymaxim gadget insurance comparison service lets you compare the following insurance products: Mobile Phones (including a specialist service for iPhone and Blackberry policies), Laptops, iPads, MP3s, iPods, Sat-Navs, DVD Players, Home Cinema Systems, Projectors, Flat Screen TVs, e-Readers, head-phones and more.
Concludes Bower;
“Whatever the product we are confident that we can find an affordable insurance solution to offer the best value cover out there - we support our online comparison site with a telephone support team too, so our customers receive an excellent all round personal service. A key benefit of the moneymaxim service is that it is easy to compare prices and features for various products and services in about 60 seconds.”
There are many types of consumer who find individual insurance attractive: Students are one group, as many student insurance policies exclude mobile phones; frequent travellers are another as they often prefer to travel in the knowledge that their mobile, laptop or other gadgets are securely covered wherever they are in the world.
Families also like the cover, as multi gadget policies are available, which allow the whole family’s phones and other gadgets to be covered both inside and outside the home, home and abroad, without a potential impact on a home insurance no claims bonus.
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