I came across this report today which looks at future developments in hard drive technology.

It implies future generation iPods will let you carry 100,000 songs in your pocket.

According to condensed-matter physicist Johan van Lierop of the University of Manitoba, new advances in thin film research could eventually deliver a hard drive with a 155 GB per square centimetre capacity.

This means that while we're trying to get to grips with what's happening now, right now, technological advance continues to disrupt the existing status quo.

While we consider life outside the box while standing still, the box itself keeps expanding.

If we stand still long enough, we'll head straight back inside the box again.

Look what a report on Wireless IQ claims:

"By using a combination of magnetic, structural and compositional tools that probe at resolutions much smaller than previously imagined, [researchers] have uncovered the origins of the unusual magnetism in exchange biased thin-film systems, and may help make possible the further miniaturization of computer electronics."

Read the report.