I just read a review of iScrapbook (it'll be in the next issue of Macworld). I've had to cut the review down a bit, so I thought I'd tell you about the bits I cut out - namely, the reviewer pointing out that iScrapbook rather defeats the point of scrapbooking.

"In recent years, scrapbooking has caught on in the States as a choice pastime for discerning craft fans," writes Karl Hodge. "We’re sure that some of the appeal of the process is collecting materials together and physically pasting them into a book. It’s about collecting newspaper clippings, childhood drawings, pressed flowers and photos. That’s why we approach iScrapbook with some reservation. Might it not take some of the fun out of this hobby?"

This hadn't really occurred to me. But it figures, because I actually tried to make a scrapbook of sorts using iWeb. It was a disappointment. I didn't have the pictures I wanted. And I couldn't Sellotape in the blade of grass I saw Mischa Barton walk on in Hyde Park.

So, I'm off to Paperchase. Macworld's reviewer has inspired me to make a real-world scrapbook.

Then, I'm going to use my scrapbook as inspiration for a groundbreaking piece of fiction. Probably about me. And rest assured I'll write that on my Mac. is there a release date for iPulitzer yet?