I wish people would stop calling my mobile and pretending to be Orange. It's really winding me up.

I know that they are not Orange so I always hang up on them. Sometimes they call from mobile numbers for pete's sake! (Although just now it was 01772 208 600 - a Preson number I think...)

I'm worried that there are a lot of people out there that fall for the trick and sign up for some dodgy contract though.

I just searched on Google and it turns out the Guardian has been reporting on this for a while, but I'm surprised its not been more widely reported, because if I'm getting these calls (about one a week), then so will most other people I know.

Also, while I'm on this topic, I don't even bother answering my landline at home because it's never someone I know. It's always some dodgy call center situated outside of UK jurisdiction trying to sell me something - actually I don't know what they are selling because I always hang up on them.

(Mind you I hung up on the bank the other day, out of habit!)

It's not as if I don't have enough spam in my inbox and junk mail through my door...

Does this sort of marketing really work. Surely the only people who sign up to this sort of thing really should be doing so. It's just plain wrong.

And given that I've seen so many great tools that can be used to target people in clever ways - direct mailings that are totally personalised, for example - it's just so last century to contact people this way.