Sometimes I despair. Apple's iPhone seems set to ship in the UK in winter at some point - but I need an internet-connected mobile device far sooner than that. I, like many, am facing a conundrum - do I upgrade my existing mobile today so I have internet access from across the UK's festival campsites, or do I muddle through until later this year?

In a sense, this problem is likely to be impacting a slew of UK mobile phone users. People across the country have already heard of the device, and it seems to have attracted many potential purchasers, despite it's price. The question is, can we wait?

Whether you're a Mac user looking forward to holding an Apple mobile, an iPod user in search of an integrated solution, or a mobile phone user who wants to try something new, the decision remains.

Do you upgrade your existing mobile now, or wait until Apple reveals the deal later this year.

For many of us, it would be helpful if Apple can hammer together a deal with one of Europe's mobile telcos and then let us know what that deal is, and offer an approximate description of the terms, conditions and price we're likely to face when the iPhone ships.

Those of us who aren't already on the correct mobile network can then decide whether we should stick with our existing one, or switch to Apple's network now, or later.

Those of us on the correct network can realistically judge whether to upgrade their mobile now, or later.

The reality is that when Apple ships the iPhone, the device will attract massive publicity, but sales may be under expectation.

The risk here is that reports will castigate the handset as a failed product, when in fact many users planning to invest in the device will be stuck to a 12-month deal with their existing provider on account of recently upgrading their handset.

Upgrading will cost them more than the asking price, due to the financial penalties the mobile firms build in as they attempt to consolidate a walled garden around the lives of their user base.

The same logic will slow the rate at which people switch from other providers in order to get signed up for one of the new handsets.

Naturally, the impact of this will be only to stagger what migration may take place - people who want an iPhone will make their way to it in the 12 months following its release.

Meanwhile, for me, I'd like some advice:

I'm heading outdoors to the festivals this summer, and have some immediate technology needs.

I need a mobile device that lets me access websites, send and receive email, and write full-length reports. (As well as send texts and make phone calls).

The device needs excellent battery life, excellent reception (even in the countryside), and the capacity to act as a modem for my Mac.

The network needs to be able to offer truly unlimited data traffic, as I'll need to send and receive images, send documents, and access a huge number of websites.

I'm turning to you, my readers, to advise me as to what devices I should consider, which networks, and which plans. I'm aware of many devices which would do the job, but I'm interested in which ones most deliver on the promises they make.

Is it a Treo, a Blackberry, an advanced Nokia phone I should choose, or should I just get by until the iPhone ships, which I'm tempted to do.

So it's over to you dear reader, what should I do?