It's 10 days till my birthday: 10 June is when I celebrate another year of being me. Microsoft's already sorted its present out - on the 10th it will cancel the Halo 3 public beta, thereby giving me my life back. Thanks Bill. My girlfriend also sends her thanks and has promised to stop describing herself as 'a gaming widow' on her Facebook entry.

That leaves you Steve, so what's Apple going to give to me in June?

Well, June is - by all accounts - the month I get to reconsider the paltry two-stars handed out by us in our Apple TV review. We always stated that the score was harsh, but fair, and based upon the lack of content for the device.

Apple has confirmed that in June it will be implementing YouTube into the Apple TV. Just how this is going to work will be interesting, although Apple has a short demonstration on the Apple TV website. There's a sneaky Search option that Apple doesn't demonstrate - maybe you'll enter keywords using the remote. Or perhaps it'll sync up with iTunes in some way. Either way it's a step in the right direction.

And not the only one if rumour is to be believed. Although Macworld usually doesn't dance around the rumour mill, we've heard that DivX playback is also coming to the Apple TV in June. So it looks like there'll be more than just a YouTube addition but a serious update across the board.

I do hope so. I really enjoy using the Apple TV (it's a great interface). It's just a shame that there's nothing to watch.