So last night the boyfriend starts wavering on his decision not to buy an iPhone (see my Should I get an iPhone blog from earlier in the week). Between the hours of 7 and 9 it was looking like he might be about to join a queue outside the Regent Street store (my advice would have been to go to the store in Brent Cross…)

However, this morning, he has reverted back to his previous decision not to buy one… In case any of you are also wavering, and want to be sure to make the right decision for you, I thought I’d share his analysis – which he just emailed to me.

At least then you can defend which ever decision you make.

Here is his “Gadget scenario analysis”

Short term
I want the cool new gadget now, now , now, now! It will make me healthier, will live longer and make a positive contribution to society.
…has Doom been ported to it yet ?

Long term
Three things required in the long term, in order of priority

1. Voice. Killer app (its a PHONE!) (The minimum I want is 800 minutes for free).
2. Web. Killer app number 2. (Plus 200Mb 3G/gprs + WiFi)
3. GPS (To run TomTom)
4. Freedom – contract…
5. New toy. Potential apps...

Isn’t that five things…

iPhone Analysis

1. Voice deal is no good. (200 min is far too low. I expect I would have to pay vastly more than £35 every month due to voice calls)…
2. Web Superb initially BUT…. No 3G. Web browsing @ gprs rates not so good. Most browsing will take place @ home where there will be a WiFi broadband connection.
3. GPS. None yet, but expect battery killer integration with Bluetooth GPS receivers @ TomTom soon.
4. Dreadful contract. (New iPhones will emerge - with GPS and 3G BUT I won’t be able to upgrade until 18 months expires!!)
5. Top toy in the world. Loads of cool apps in the future (main reason for purchase)

Result: 1 out of 5.

Pocket PC
1. Voice. (I have found a deal that gives me 800 min free, every month for 12 month’s – and I get 11 of those months free… Plus I can sell the phone they give me on eBay. Beat that O2!)
2. Web. There are options that are almost as good as iPhone, but the screen is not as big and fonts not as easily readable...
3. GPS. Built in to the HTC phone. (I could run TomTom now).
4. Freedom. Normal 12 month contract.
5. New toy. Not as nice looking or nice interface as iPhone, but O2 xda Orbit is still pretty. Also, there are millions of apps on it now. Including ALL the apps that the iPhone runs. I expect everything on the iPhone will be cloned soon.

Result: 3 out of 5.


1. Go the PocketPC route and buy a iPod touch from the states for £210 instead of £270.
2. Invest in Apple. They will sell a LOT of these and make a fortune in voice call revenues. Will O2 make a loss from offering free data? No. The real money-spinner is still voice and O2 is offering only 200min… Apple will make a fortune from their cut of customers phone bill.
3. Further work: Email Steve Jobs and ask: “Can I get a discount on my iTouch as an Apple shareholder? (Make it so and watch your share price grow even faster)…