I was having a conversation last night about the iPhone, which - just before Christmas rudely interrupted all manner of tech things - Cisco Linksys revealed it held the copyright for.

As I see it, there are two things that will happen:

1. Apple calls it the iPhone anyway because Steve Jobs is devil-may-care by nature and doesn’t tend to worry too much about other people’s copyright. See the Creative Zen Nano for example, which beat the Apple nano to the market by several months.

2. Apple calls it something else, such as the iPod phone, iTalk or - odds on favourite - iPod Cel.

I think it'll be No. 2 because iPod is the brand, not iPhone - so Apple probably never intended to call it the iPhone in the first place. It's just a term we all made up for a product we are 99 per cent sure Apple is making.

Unless Cisco Linksys have got Steve's goat up and he's changing it to iPhone just to spite them.