Everyone knows that the iPhone is a tempting device. It's so shiny and does almost everything. That's why if you don't want to burn $500 or more on an iPhone, it's essential that you have your own excuse (for the purpose of this article we'll call it a method of psychological self deception) for why not to buy an iPhone.

This little lie can be based in truth, for example: I simply don't have $500 laying around, it will scratch too easily, it's too big, or I already own a Palm Treo.

For me, I have convinced myself not to buy an iPhone because it's lacking one major feature: 3G wireless. Without 3G, downloading photos, web pages, maps, and emails will be painfully slow. And sending an email with a photo attachment over EDGE? Forget about it. Thus I have resolved to save my $500-600 at least until the iPhone gains 3G. Plus I know if I bought an EDGE iPhone and the 3G version came out a few months later, I'd feel betrayed forever. Once there's a 3G iPhone, I'll have to come up with a new excuse.

Now I turn to you, creative and honest Macworld readers: what's your iPhone excuse? How have you convinced yourself that it's just not worth 500 double cheeseburgers?

This blog first appeared in our sister site Mac User US