Apparently the average visit to the website is 1 hour and 19 minutes (and 25 seconds). Dell and Nintendo are the next most sticky tech sites - but their visitors hang around for just 19 minutes. With so much else to do online, what is making the Apple site so sticky?

There are a few possibilities.

1) iTunes is hosted at I can easily spend an hour searching the iTunes Store for tracks and I'm sure that isn't unusual. It is not clear whether Nielsen/NetRatings includes the figures from this section of the site, however (I'm working on finding that out).

2) saw 43.5 million unique visitors in January alone, that is up 24 per cent from the same month one year ago. Maybe the extra traffic was down to all those people searching for information about the iPhone, but that doesn't explain why they were on the site for so long.

3) Jonny suggested people might be spending lots of time on tech support. Maybe all those people who got iPods for Christmas!

I'm convinced it has to be the iTunes Store, but I wondered if anyone else had any other ideas.