I saw Steve Wozniak today giving a lecture at Oxford University. Now there’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

They say never meet your heroes, but Steve Wozniak comes across as a genuinely nice – if slightly frantic – speaker with a lot of enthusiasm for electronics, computers and Apple.

Mostly he talked about his childhood and growing up with a love of electronics and wanting nothing more than to be an engineer, like his father, and a fifth grade teacher. One little gem that cropped up was his adoration for Tom Swift, Jr – a comic strip character who saved the day with fantastic scientific inventions. He also used to fantasise about Ham Radio and other technologies being like Superman – enabling you to fly anywhere.

Woz also spoke about the various devices he’d created and how they all linked up to form the Apple computer. Fascinating stuff! It’s all to promote his new book iWoz, which is now on sale.

Macworld’s intrepid reporter Karen Haslam has an interview with Steve Wozniak, which will appear in the December issue of Macworld.


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