iPod killer? The Zune joke continues...

Even given Microsoft's cautious approach to Zune success ("long term", blah blah blah...), the following can't be too pleasing to all the people who are so desperate for Apple and the iPod to fail:

Microsoft's Zune player was not among the top-10 list of digital audio devices sold over the winter holidays in the US, with Apple's iPod remaining champion of that market, according to research firm Current Analysis.

Eight of the top 10 digital audio devices sold between November 27 and December 30 of last year were from Apple, with the other two devices in the top 10 from Sandisk, according to a Current Analysis report on retail sales of digital audio devices.

Apple accounted for 64 per cent of digital audio devices sold during that time period, Sandisk accounted for 22 per cent and Microsoft accounted for 3 per cent.

And that doesn't include Apple stores!