The latest rumors suggest Apple brand spankin' new iPhone will be announced on September 9. If history is any indicator, Apple and its carrier partners will start selling the device very shortly after the unveiling.

iPhone 6 preview | iPhone 6L preview

Used iPhone marketplace recently queried 1,000 random smartphone owners about the features they most want to see in the new iPhone, which is expected to be called the "iPhone 6" and could come in two different sizes. (For context, will give you up to $236 for a "good" or "flawless" condition iPhone 5s [16GB], which is about 40 percent of the cost of a new, unsubsidized iPhone 5s [16GB].)

Here are's "most wanted new iPhone 6 features":

In addition, half of all the iPhone and Android users questioned said they would ditch their current phones for the iPhone 6 if the phone has a sapphire display.

The most circulated iPhone 6 rumors in recent days have related to a stronger display made of sapphire crystal, which is likely why so many of the survey respondents singled that feature out. However, it's unclear if a sapphire display would really be a sturdy as speculation suggests -- and even if such a screen does prove to be stronger, the displays may be very hard to come by.

The company also asked its survey respondents about the iPhone improvements they're most interested in. Here a quick breakdown of the top five most desired enhancements, according to 

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