An occasional and completely subjective collection of highlights from the rich world of independently-developed solutions for OS X. This time around let's hear it for a pair of small but highly useful applications from the people at TastyApps.

I like YouTube. It offers a huge diversity of amusing clips for all ages. Right now, I'm particularly fond of this catchy range of children's songs from user gitikapartington.

And of course, you'd have to be hiding under a stone not to have heard of the latest rock sensation, The Zimmers, with their Age Concern benefit single that seems set to steal the number one slot in this week's charts.

(It's a cover of The Who's My Generation, sung by a 40-strong band with a combined age of 3,000-years, and is available now on iTunes.)

So it's all nice and groovy coming across great video clips, but Safari users haven't really enjoyed an easy way to download such clips until now.

That's where TastyApps steps in with their tiny, plug-in for Safari that lets users download video from sites they visit, including Flash video.

Installation is easy as pie and it's a real no-brainer to use - you invoke the control using a button situated in Safari's menu bar, and you are presented with a Dashboard-like translucent window that lets you choose which of the video assets on that webpage you wish to download.

To make it even better, the application also converts these clips into MPEG-4 as they are downloaded and will pop them into iTunes for you. It's quick, easy and effective and costs $15 (which is pretty good value at current exchange rates).

While you are at it. road warriors may also want to download another handy utility, the company's $8 WiFind software. This software adds extra information to a Mac user's existing AirPort menu: it shows you what networks are available, what signal strength they offer and - perhaps most useful - whether those networks are locked or not.

So if you spend a lot of time on the road looking for bars, pubs, clubs and other locations with free wireless networks, this little utility could help you a lot.

(This may also be a good moment to get a little moralisti, and remind AirPort users that they really should apply password protection to their wireless networks).

Anyway, these are two applications from TastyApps. I think they are well-designed products that do exactly what they say they will do, don't cost the earth, are easy-to-use and effective.

Take a look for yourself on the developer's website.

(You'll also find a free Dashboard game, called Flappie it should appeal to Mac users who deep down have desire for a Nintendo pet).