We’re on a collision course with extreme bad taste with the forthcoming launches of hundreds of Leopard-ready applications. Leopard skin is without doubt the most downmarket and vulgar of all animal coat patterns. It brings to mind Coronation Street’s bleach-blonde wrinkly tart Bet Lynch – not one of Steve Jobs or Jonathan Ive’s design icons, I’m sure.

But it seems that Apple has once more proved itself to be at the beating heart of the fashion zeitgeist with news that leopard skin – once the old chav – is now the new black. Kate Moss loves it. You can buy a Dolce & Gabbana watch strapped in it, and splash out £900 on a similar Prada bowling bag. There’s a flash of fashion features purring praise over the super spots in all the glossy mags.

The world’s largest Apple Store in London’s Regent Street is minutes away from New Bond Street, Saville Row and Top Shop. It’s high fashion and street cool. Microsoft’s UK offices are between a leisure centre and gravel pit outside Reading. Leopard 1 – Vista 0.