Email is such a large part of one’s existence these days it can be a crisis when it all stops working. In the last few weeks I’ve experienced email trauma to new levels.

My spam was getting out of hand. It was like fighting a forest fire and the flames were winning. 60, 80, 120 junk emails per hour. My information highway was slowed to point of gridlock. With close to 2000 spam messages a day choking my mailbox - it was getting difficult to distinguish between real mail and junk mail. Had to be careful. Easy to delete something important and not even notice.

It was Friday. I went bed.

I awoke on Saturday and began my weekend by clearing out hundreds more messages from my in box. I clicked on one of the junk emails and opened it. It was addressed to one of my email accounts - I have several - and it was then I realised I could be my own detective and sort this mess out.

I opened another junk email, another and another.

All going to the same address. And fortunately for me the email which all this garbage was being sent to was one I no longer used. It was still there and active but not needed in my life.

My weekend continued with me clearing over a 100 messages per hour.

Monday morning I’m on the phone to my internet provider and I command them to turn off the forwarding of all email to the address which the spam was being sent to.

I killed the flow of spam and now everything is back to normal - I only get arout 40 or 50 spam messages a day from all my email accounts combined.

Sometimes you’ve got to take charge. Otherwise you can be consumed by circumstance which edge into your life and then take over before you even see it coming.