The question is: should I have installed Leopard.

My 12-inch PowerBook is really on its last legs so yesterday evening I decided to install Leopard in a last ditch attempt to either breath new life into it, or ensure it kicks the bucket in time for Apple to announce a new range of MacBook Pros.

Unfortunately it's looking like it might be the latter case. I left the software installing last night. This morning it was stuck in Setup Assistant - I'd insert the information it requested, but afterwards, when it said it was done and ready to let me use my Mac, Setup Assistant would start up again. A little digging around on the web and we found a cure - restart holding down the shift key and then when prompted for a password click back, and then restart. This way when it restarted it became a proper computer. At this point I thought we'd cured it.

Now the latest issue is connecting to a NAS (network attached storage) drive on which we share all the files for the current issue of the magazine. Try as I might I cannot connect. Look around on the web and all the helpful advice is for people having problems with Time Machine... Don't even go there, I have a external hard drive but it's got about 100GB of data on it that I'm not about to wipe.

So far my Leopard experience hasn't been too rosy. The bright side is that I hope that I'll get a new Mac.