Apple’s getting a bit of stick for the fact that the beta version of Safari for Windows is a bit buggy.

On the one side Apple is being criticised for not working harder to ensure that the beta version of the software was bug free. At the end of the day the company is offering the software to anyone who wants it, not just hardened beta testers, so really it should have ensured that the holes were plugged.

But in Apple’s defence, it is a beta version of the software and that means that there will be bugs. Why should anyone expect a beta version to be perfect?

My take on the matter is that Apple shouldn’t be offering the beta software to all and sundry if there might be serious flaws in it. If Apple had kept the initial beta of Safari for Windows to a developers release then sure it would have missed out on some of the hype, but a holey release is more likely to get negative publicity and turn any Windows user right of Safari.